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Interview with The Flower Bar - Wedding Catalog Arizona

We love to feature our preferred vendors and share their talents with our fans. We recently interviewed Megan Carollo, owner and lead designer of The Flower Bar, a boutique floral design studio in Scottsdale. If you have not had the chance to visit Megan’s studio, we highly recommend stopping by - it’s absolutely adorable!!

The Wedding Catalog: How did you get started in the floral business?

Flower Bar: Well, I would like to think I started as a toddler when I was constantly found playing in my mother’s and grandmother’s gardens. From a really young age I always loved flowers and gardening. I was even a little bit notorious as the neighborhood flower thief (I’d like to think I was just resourceful)! All jokes aside, I started designing about five years ago when I wandered into a local Scottsdale shop and asked if I could just see what it was all about. Immediately, I loved everything about it! The flowers, containers, creativity – even the dirty buckets, green fingernails (less glamorous than a having a Green Thumb), and crazy hours appealed to me. I felt as though I had finally found where I was supposed to be! And the rest was history - well, kind of. I spent a good year and a half apprenticing and working part time, just learning the ropes of a shop. Eventually I got hired as a Designer, worked with numerous designers across the US, and about two years ago decided to open up my own studio! Countless design hours, courses, and certifications later - here I am, the proud owner of Flower Bar.

TWC: What is the hardest part about floral design for weddings?

FB: Oooh! This is an interesting question! I would have to say that I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. And it’s not just Pinterest specifically: there are so many online resources that give clients great ideas and inspiration, but don’t explicitly show the time and work that goes into creating the designs photographed. Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest can be a great resource for inspiration and ideas, but ultimately I don’t want to merely recreate what a client saw on Pinterest or on a wedding blog. I want to make something unique for my clients. And as much as all the online resources help, at times I feel as though they hinder client’s willingness to be a little bit more creative. The other difficulty is conveying to clients the time it will take for them to DIY things - it may look easy online, but in all actuality the time and materials that go into these projects can be more costly than hiring a professional to begin with from the get go.

TWC: What inspires you?

FB: Besides iconic floral designers, (yes, they actually do exist), I would have to say I draw a lot of inspiration from fashion, architecture, art, fabrics, and patterns. Also, I love to follow floral designers in different parts of the world – what is happening outside of our region is awesome! London, Melbourne,LA, NY, and Chicago are just hubs of floral inspiration. And as silly as this may sound, I am absolutely amazed with Mother Nature and the intricacies of flowers – they are mesmerizing to me – and completely inspiring. One single blossom can present a color palette I hadn’t thought of or evoke a range of emotions that is perfect for a certain personality.


TWC: Tell us about the most memorable wedding you worked with and why it was special.

FB: To date, the most memorable wedding was this past August at The Clayton on the Park in Scottsdale. The venue is very modern and our clients chose to use Radiant Orchid (The 2014 Pantone Color of the Year) to really pop against the contemporary venue. The designs were minimalist, but still very bold statements. I understand this might sound like a slight contradiction – bold and minimalist – but the monochromatic color scheme of the flowers against the stark white venue made the orchid color über vibrant! The bride was also open to having a slightly cascading bouquet (which is presently trending in the wedding wsuch a unique look for them on their special day!orld.) Lastly, the cherry on top had to be that the clients were close friends of the studio (one of our designers was in the wedding party) so we were so happy to be able to create such a unique look for them on their special day!

TWC: Can you provide our brides with some tips on working with florists?

FB: - Choose a florist that you connect with – someone who gets you. If you don’t feel comfortable communicating your vision (likes and dislikes), then odds are you won’t be happy with your wedding flowers.
-Get referrals from the vendors you are already working with. Odds are they already know your style/aesthetic/personality and can point you in the right direction of a florist that is the right fit for you.
- Check with your venue, as they typically have at least one florist on their preferred vendor list and sometimes that’s a great place to start.
- Limit the amount of time you spend finding inspiration photos – a few photos are more than enough! Inspiration can be simple, and should be thought of as way to get the overall idea of what you are looking for. From there, trust the professionals to create your aesthetic, or better yet, build one to fit you perfectly.

TWC: What is your favorite flower to work with?

FB: Choosing just one flower is so difficult for me! I love working with lilac for a few reasons. First, it reminds me of my Grandmother, her garden, and my roots (no pun) in the floral world. Secondly, it’s season /availability is super short! So when it does finally arrive in the studio I feel like it’s an extra birthday I get in the Spring (Capricorn/winter baby). The last thing about lilac is that it’s not widely used in the wedding world like roses, dahlias, peonies, and hydrangea, so it really is a rarity in our studio! However, that could all change with a Spring client who wants purple or white lilacs in their wedding AND to see their florist excitedly bounding around their venue while setting up. [Gangly arm movements and small shrieks of excitement might also be included] ;) -If you aren’t sold on the first designer you meet with – explore other options!


TWC: What makes Flower Bar different?

FB: The studio is truly a boutique environment, and by that I mean we only take on a limited number of clients each weekend. We at Flower Bar LOVE working closely with our clients through the entire planning process, but the most fun is in the beginning when we get to brainstorm how we can create something different - and that takes time. We spend such a substantial amount of time really trying to come up with inventive ideas that really fit our client’s needs that there is just not enough hours in the day or creative juices to have us running 24-7! Most designers can copy a design, and there is nothing wrong with that, but we want to create the design. Also, I would like to think our staff is pretty unique! I don’t think of us as just floral designers - everyone in the studio has fun influences that bring a really innovative approach to our design style. Art and theatre majors, interior designers, even economics majors somehow all can relate to flowers!

If you would like to get in touch with Megan and The Flower Bar, you can visit her website (hyperlink to: or like her on Facebook (hyperlink to:

Real Wedding at McDowell Mountain - Dylan & Kimberly

We are excited to share the romantic wedding of Dylan and Kimberly, which took place at McDowell Mountain Golf Club†on a beautiful spring day.

They chose McDowell Mountain Golf Club as the wedding venue because the setting was exactly what they were looking for. †The amazing Arizona spring weather calls for an outdoor ceremony site. †From the bride: "The staff was also very willing to be flexible to accommodate my vision within a reasonable price range. The room where the reception was held had beautiful windows that brought the outside in and doors the folded back into the walls to let the cool night air in. It was the perfect combination to enjoy the beautiful Arizona nights."


Dylan grew up in Arlington, Texas and Kimberly grew up in Glendale, Arizona. On a trip to visit her older brother in Austin, Texas one summer, Dylan happened to accompany him to pick Kimberly up. "You could say sparks flew at first sight much to my older brother's dismay. A year later, Dylan was proposing to me on the beach in Port Arkansas, Texas and our fairy-tale continued!"- Kimberly


The couple's vision for the wedding was to create a simple, rustic atmosphere. †From the baby's breath in mason jars, to the burlap table runners, and the tea lights. They also wanted their guests to be as comfortable as possible so Dylan and Kimberly chose not to do assigned seating and let their guests choose their seats. She stained chalkboard signs and Dylan wrote sayings on them. Kimberly's favorite table was her loved ones table. It was turquoise cabinet along the side wall where they put the photos of theri loved ones who will forever be in our hearts.†
† † †


† †††

We asked Kimberly what was the most memorable part of her big day, this is what she had to say: "I think a lot of our guests will remember the extremely strong winds during our ceremony. My mom had sprinkled rose petals down the center aisle and by the time I walked down there was not a single one left. I think I have two moments that will forever stick out in my mind about our wedding day. First, Dylan's expression when he turned around and saw me in my dress for the first time. His face was priceless. Second, the family that walked up to Dylan and I as we were getting ready to take pictures and the mom telling me her shy six-year-old †girl wanted to be me when she grows up. I think hearing that melted my heart almost as much as Dylan's vows."†

† ††† ††††

† †

As for advice for brides"I think any venue a bride picks for her wedding day will be the perfect place because that's the start of their forever. In the end, I picked a venue that worked for our budget and had the beautiful scenery I was after. - Kimberly†

Ceremony & Reception Site: McDowell Mountain Golf Club
Photographer:†Life Through A Lens†// Florist: Butterfly Petals†// Entertainment:†Bolt Entertainment
Cake: Sweets Unlimited†//†Rehearsal Dinner:†Pinnacle Peak Patio†

Interview with Savidge Photography

We recently had the privilege of working with Jessica Savidge from Savidge Photography on photo shoots held at ASU Karsten and the Raven Golf Club- Phoenix. Jessica has recently moved her business to Phoenix so we took some time to get to know her better and welcome her to the Valley!

Welcome to Phoenix, Jessica! Tell us a little about your background.

"Iíve been a professional photographer for about 8 years now, but before I ventured into this world, I actually went to film school, and then worked in television production. My photography business started out as an accident- helping out some friends, shooting for pleasure... but then in 2006 I was asked to shoot a wedding, and started getting really serious about educating myself on the world of wedding photography. I was immediately taken with the process of documenting the day for a couple, and found that by shooting weddings, I was able fuse my love of story telling with my love of still images. I was hooked right away, and havenít looked back since."

Couples who book Savidge Photography are generally looking for...

"The people I work with are usually *really* into photography, rather than just checking "photographerĒ off their wedding vendor list. They understand that these photographs will be with them forever, and want to work with someone who they are truly comfortable with and trust. Most often, the people who hire me are looking for a documentary photographer- someone to capture not only the portraits and events that happen at most weddings, but the quirky moments, and emotion of it all. Those special moments are really what tell the story of the day."

What is your favorite part of shooting weddings?

"I love being with people during such special and happy time. It really is a privilege to not only share that excitement and joy, but to document it for them to relive as the years go by. Iím a sucker for a good story, and weddings make for great stories. You see families coming together, you watch fatherís tear up when they see their daughter as a bride for the first time. You see motherís hug their sons just a little tighter, and little girls watch the bride in wonder. You see a couple look at each other and realize that they are starting a new adventure, and then you look over at their parents reminiscing about the adventure they started so long ago. And sometimes itís bittersweet- you can see people missing those loved ones who might be gone, or wishing that someone who couldnít make it was there. Itís my job to watch and listen and pay attention so that I can create images that tell all these stories. Thatís my favorite part of being a photographer."

What questions should couples ask to ensure theyíre booking the right photographer?

"I personally think that, aside from making sure that the photographer is experienced enough, appropriately equipped, and that you like their style, one of the most important things to be sure of is if your personalities click. Your photographer is with you more than anyone else on your wedding day, and often in intimate, and otherwise private, moments. It helps tremendously if you are comfortable and relaxed around him or her. The more my couples are comfortable with me, the more they forget about the camera and just act like themselves. That always makes for the best photographs."

Couples have so many options to choose from. What makes Savidge Photography special?

"The thing I am most proud of, and that I hear most from the people who have worked with me is that A- Iím crazy for spending so much time on very "out of the boxĒ engagement shoots, and B- theyíre so happy that I do. I look at the engagement shoot as an opportunity to do two things: First, it gives us time to get to know each other, and for me to get to know them through the lens. And second, it gives them the opportunity to have photographs that are much more personal than the average engagement shoot. Iíve done every thing from hanging out at a baseball game, to spending hours submerged in freezing water during surfing lessons. And by the way, Florida has the highest concentration of shark attacks in the world. So yeah, Iíll shoot just about anything, as long as itís something that my clients are excited about, and are having fun doing. And it doesnít always have to be death defying- even if weíre just taking a walk around town, itís about creating a personal experience that my couples will be able to look back on and say 'wow, this really captures Ďusí...'."

Want to know more about Savidge Photography?

You can visit her website or email her at And... you can also follow her†Facebook page!

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