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Interview with Savidge Photography

Interview with Savidge Photography

We recently had the privilege of working with Jessica Savidge from Savidge Photography view website in a new tab on photo shoots held at ASU Karsten and the Raven Golf Club- Phoenix. Jessica has recently moved her business to Phoenix so we took some time to get to know her better and welcome her to the Valley!

Welcome to Phoenix, Jessica! Tell us a little about your background.

"I’ve been a professional photographer for about 8 years now, but before I ventured into this world, I actually went to film school, and then worked in television production. My photography business started out as an accident- helping out some friends, shooting for pleasure... but then in 2006 I was asked to shoot a wedding, and started getting really serious about educating myself on the world of wedding photography. I was immediately taken with the process of documenting the day for a couple, and found that by shooting weddings, I was able fuse my love of story telling with my love of still images. I was hooked right away, and haven’t looked back since."



Couples who book Savidge Photography are generally looking for...

"The people I work with are usually *really* into photography, rather than just checking "photographer” off their wedding vendor list. They understand that these photographs will be with them forever, and want to work with someone who they are truly comfortable with and trust. Most often, the people who hire me are looking for a documentary photographer- someone to capture not only the portraits and events that happen at most weddings, but the quirky moments, and emotion of it all. Those special moments are really what tell the story of the day."


What is your favorite part of shooting weddings?

"I love being with people during such special and happy time. It really is a privilege to not only share that excitement and joy, but to document it for them to relive as the years go by. I’m a sucker for a good story, and weddings make for great stories. You see families coming together, you watch father’s tear up when they see their daughter as a bride for the first time. You see mother’s hug their sons just a little tighter, and little girls watch the bride in wonder. You see a couple look at each other and realize that they are starting a new adventure, and then you look over at their parents reminiscing about the adventure they started so long ago. And sometimes it’s bittersweet- you can see people missing those loved ones who might be gone, or wishing that someone who couldn’t make it was there. It’s my job to watch and listen and pay attention so that I can create images that tell all these stories. That’s my favorite part of being a photographer."


What questions should couples ask to ensure they’re booking the right photographer?

"I personally think that, aside from making sure that the photographer is experienced enough, appropriately equipped, and that you like their style, one of the most important things to be sure of is if your personalities click. Your photographer is with you more than anyone else on your wedding day, and often in intimate, and otherwise private, moments. It helps tremendously if you are comfortable and relaxed around him or her. The more my couples are comfortable with me, the more they forget about the camera and just act like themselves. That always makes for the best photographs."


Couples have so many options to choose from. What makes Savidge Photography special?

"The thing I am most proud of, and that I hear most from the people who have worked with me is that A- I’m crazy for spending so much time on very "out of the box” engagement shoots, and B- they’re so happy that I do. I look at the engagement shoot as an opportunity to do two things: First, it gives us time to get to know each other, and for me to get to know them through the lens. And second, it gives them the opportunity to have photographs that are much more personal than the average engagement shoot. I’ve done every thing from hanging out at a baseball game, to spending hours submerged in freezing water during surfing lessons. And by the way, Florida has the highest concentration of shark attacks in the world. So yeah, I’ll shoot just about anything, as long as it’s something that my clients are excited about, and are having fun doing. And it doesn’t always have to be death defying- even if we’re just taking a walk around town, it’s about creating a personal experience that my couples will be able to look back on and say 'wow, this really captures ‘us’...'."


Want to know more about Savidge Photography? You can visit her website available in a new tab or email her at And... you can also follow her Facebook page! view in a new tab

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